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Published Apr 15, 2016

Debugging Laravel Application in Visual Studio Code

Ever feel that you suck a lot when debugging a bug? QA knows something wrong but Developer doesn’t know where to fix it, especially if the Developer is using PHP. If you use Laravel, you may use dd here and there, well that’s not quite good. We know that other language like Java or C# is slightly easier to debug, like come on we can set a breakpoint anywhere and do a step back or step forward. This is where Visual Studio Code comes in. With an external plugin and little adjusment to your environment, we can debugging our PHP Application (in this case, Laravel Application), say goodbye to dd! Read More

Vue.js Compared to Angular 2

You already know that Vue.js is one of the top JavaScript frameworks and it is replacing Angular 2 and React in many cases. This brings in the topic of this blog 'How Vue.js compared to Angular 2?' Read More

Benchmarking Optimized Laravel vs Unoptimized Laravel

In this post, I'll share about how to benchmark your Laravel-based application and plot their result into a graph image. Read More

Optimizing Your Laravel Application

Here's what you can do to optimize your Laravel based application on production. Read More

Shared Cache Between Laravel and node.js Using Redis

Cache Sharing Between Laravel and node.js Using Redis Read More

Debugging Happily in Yii2

Variable Dumping in Yii2 has never been so easy until you read this Read More

Funny Developer Comments

Here is a collection of funny source code comments, provided by developers all over the world. Take a look at it, it could definitely make your day. Read More